Dependent Activities

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When you schedule an Action Plan, you can specify that the activities in the Action Plan are dependent of each other. Dependent activities should be completed in their scheduled order. The order of the activities is determined by the date and time of the activities within the Action Plan. This order is taken into account when you complete Action Plan activities.

When you complete or change the date of a dependent activity, Maximizer checks the order and date of the activity.

  • If an earlier activity in the Action Plan is incomplete, you are prompted with a message. The message does not prevent you from completing the activity.
  • If you complete an activity earlier or later than its scheduled date, you have the option of rescheduling the remaining activities in the Action Plan based on the date the activity is completed.
  • If you change the date of an activity, you have the option of rescheduling all activities scheduled after the modified activity based on the number of days earlier or later the activity is moved.

You can reschedule only activities to which you have full access.

If the “Skip non-work days” option was selected when the Action Plan was scheduled, the activities are rescheduled only on work days.

For example, if you complete an activity one day late, all proceeding activities in the Action Plan are moved forward by one day. If any of the activities are scheduled to occur on a non-work day, it’s moved to the next work day. If any of the activities is assigned to a user who has not granted you full access to the Calendar (for appointments) or Hotlist (for tasks), the activity remains unchanged.

You must complete dependent activities individually. If you attempt to complete multiple activities at once, any dependent activities will not be completed.

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