Merge Fields

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Merge fields are place-holders in your document that can be replaced by basic Address Book entry or user-defined field information when you perform a merge. For example, in the body of a letter, you can insert a merge field for a Contact’s name:

[First Name]

When you perform the merge, the name of each recipient is displayed in place of the merge field. If the entry does not have an assigned value for the chosen merge field, the field does not display.

Merge fields are not restricted to Address Book entry information—you can insert merge fields for your own user information, Customer Service cases, and Opportunities as well.

You can insert merge fields in email templates, email messages, automated campaign messages, and Microsoft Word documents by clicking the icon below:

How to Insert a Merge Field

  1. In the Address Book, Opportunities or Customer Service page, select your entries and click Actions > Write an email.


In Opportunities, Customer Service or the Campaigns page, select Documents in the following tab.

Select the entries and click Email document.

  1. Begin writing your email. When you need to insert a merge field, click the merge field icon in the tool bar.


If you want to use an email template select the Email template icon before writing.

Select the email template and press Retrieve to use it.

  1. Choose the type of fields you want to use for your entries in the Fields for: drop-down list.

  1. Insert a basic field by searching it in the search bar or scrolling down the list.

  1. Click on the field and press OK to insert.

The merge field appears in the email message.

  1. To insert a user defined field merge field, select the merge field icon again.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click User Defined Fields to expand the folder.

  1. Search for the field by typing its name in the search bar or look through the list.
  2. Click on the field and press OK to insert.

The User Defined merge field appears in the email message.

  1. Repeat the steps above if necessary when writing the email.
  2. Set the Logging options below then click Send when finished.

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