Receive a Phone Call

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You can track incoming phone calls from the main lists in the Address Book, Opportunities, Customer Service, or Hotlist page and from the Contacts or Related Entries following pane.

When you receive a phone call in Maximizer, an incoming call note is automatically saved to the Address Book entry, Customer Service case, or Opportunity associated with the call. In the Hotlist page, the note is saved to the Address Book entry associated with the appointment or task.

In the Hotlist page, you can log a phone call only from an appointment or task associated with a single Address Book entry.

After completing a phone call, you have the option of scheduling a follow-up activity saved to your Hotlist.

  1. Click on the Address Book entry, Opportunity, Customer Service case, Hotlist task, or Appointment to make it the current entry.
  2. Select Actions > Receive a Call.

The menu applies only to entries selected in the main list.

– or –

Right-click and select Phone > Receive a Call.

– or –

In the following pane, select the Details tab, and under Actions, select Receive a call.

  1. In the Subject field, enter a subject for the phone call, and record notes on your call as you talk.
  • You can continue to work in Maximizer as you are logging the phone call.

If you are logging the phone call from the Address Book page, changes to user-defined fields and some basic fields in the Address Book entry are automatically added to the phone note.
  1. When the phone call is finished, click Hang Up.
You can click Transfer and select another Maximizer user to log the transfer in the note.
  1. Edit the note, and click Save.
  • If your phone call logging preferences are set to show results on hang-up, you are prompted to select a result of the phone call. Select a value for the result.
  1. Press Ok.

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