Add Subscribers to an Automated Campaign

Updated 2 years ago by Peter Somogyi

You can add any Address Book entries as subscribers at any time to existing automated campaigns. You can search for an Address Book entry to add it individually, or you can add all Address Book entries from a Favorite List.

Each automated campaign targets one or more Address Book entries. You can subscribe and unsubscribe Address Book entries from existing campaigns.

If you add a subscriber to a fixed-date campaign, all activities that are already completed in the campaign are sent at once to the Address Book entry. If you add a subscriber to an ongoing campaign, the campaign is run from the beginning and all activities are completed at their scheduled intervals.
  1. In the Campaign Module, open the campaign and select any information about the campaign in the column view.

  1. Select the Subscribers tab.

  1. Click Add.

  1. Select Search for Address Book Entries or Add from Address Book Favorite List.

  1. Search for an Address Book entry by Last name or Company name, select the entry and click OK.


  1. Select a Favorite List and click Retrieve.

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