Search for Entries by a Field

Updated 2 years ago by Celina Kwan

Maximizer makes it easy to search for entries by basic field, such as Last Name, Company, City/Town, or Email for Address Book entries or Status, Team Leader, or Revenue for Opportunities. If you wanted to create a list of Address Book entries in Washington State, for example, you would search the State/Province field for entries with “WA” in that field.

A search retrieves any entries that match the search criteria and that you have the rights to view.

  1. On the Search menu, select the field you are searching for.


For Customer Service cases, you can also select Basic Fields to search for entries matching multiple basic fields.

The Search By Basic Fields dialog box opens.

  1. Specify the search criteria.

  1. Select how you want to update the current list with your search results.
  • Add search results to list displays the entries that match your search criteria without removing any currently displayed entries from the list.
  • Narrow list searches only selected entries (or all currently displayed entries if none are selected), and removes any entries that do not match your search criteria.
  • Replace list with search results removes all entries currently displayed in the list and replaces them with entries that match your search criteria.
  1. If applicable, specify the Range of the items to search.
  2. Click OK to run the search.

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