Checking Version and API

In these help documents you'll notice the following along side many of the features added to the app

(with API 2.15 (R4))

This means the feature is available to that release and later ones. If a feature was added to API 2.15 (R4) it will NOT be available to API 2.14 (R3)

The API version is the release of the main product where the mentioned feature was added to. The R# is the friendly name associated with that release

Features made available to early versions of the API are carried over to newer versions of the API

Current Versions since the beginning of the app


  1. API 2.12 (R1) (v17.0) (no longer supported)
  2. API 2.13 (R2) (v17.1) (no longer supported)
  3. API 2.14 (R3) (v17.2) (no longer supported)
  4. API 2.15 (R4) (v17.3) (no longer supported)
  5. API 2.16 (R5) (v17.4)


  1. API 2.17 (R1) (v18.1)
  2. API 2.18 (R2) (v18.2)


  1. API 2.19 (R1) (v19.1)
  2. API 2.20 (R1SP1) (v19.2)
  3. API 2.21 (R2) (v19.3)
  4. API 2.22 (R3) (v19.4)


  1. API 2.23 (R1) (v20.0)

How to View Your App's Build Version

  1. Tap the MENU icon in the lower right
  2. Tap the cog icon
  1. Scroll down to the Build Version section

Build Version breakdown

App v2.6.1

This is the version of the application that has been pushed up to the store. The controls any UI/UX that you see. The application creates the Lego pieces in order to display the information that the gateway sends it.

For example, the application would create a framework for displaying Opportunities. i.e. the module list, the record details, etc.

It would also create the experience of how to navigate around the app

Gateway v261

The Gateway is the medium between the application and the API. It interprets the API and delivers information to the Lego pieces of the application.

For example, it would deliver the search results of the Opportunities found to the list, the content of the record details.

The gateway controls what is information is shown. We are able to add/remove content without releasing an app to the store.

API v2.15

The API is the foundation of what the gateway is able to retrieve. If the API has not made information available, the gateway is unable to deliver it to the app.

For example, the API made access points available to EDIT Opportunities in version 2.15. With the edit capability the API would handle the security access of the information (mandatory fields, read/write user restrictions, etc)

The Gateway is now able to retrieve and create groups of opportunity information. The App was then able to create an experience where the user is able to manipulate these groups of information

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