User and Group Security

Updated 3 years ago by Niall Clifford

As the Administrator, you can restrict each user’s access rights to types of entries, essentially providing per-module security. User access rights are accessible by going to the Access Rights tab of a user’s properties.

These user access rights consist of the access settings (security settings) of the user account as well as the access settings of any security groups the user is a member of.

For example, if the Opportunity Delete permission is not set in the user’s access settings, but is granted in the access settings of a group the user is a member of, then the user is granted Delete permissions to Opportunity entries.

Each checkbox contains one of the following potential values:

The following table illustrates user access rights derived from user and group access settings.

If the user belongs to more than one group, the conflict illustrated below results in the user not being granted the access right.

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