Create a New Report Template Using Maximizer Basic Fields

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You can add a new report to an existing Excel report template in your template library by adding a new sheet to the Excel spreadsheet.

When adding a new report to an existing Excel report template, your report must use the fields that are available in the Excel report. If your new report only requires Maximizer Basic Fields, you can add the report to one of the system default report templates in the Template Library.

  1. Download and open the Excel report template that you want to add a new report to.
This procedure is written for Microsoft Excel 2010. The steps may be different in other versions of Excel.
  1. In the Home tab, Click Insert Sheet to add the new worksheet for the report.
  1. In the Insert tab, select PivotTable.

The Create PivotTable dialog opens.

  1. Choose Select a table or range and enter TransformedData in the Table/Range data selection box.
  1. Click OK.

A new PivotTable is added to the sheet. The PivotTable Field List table opens showing Maximizer Basic Fields.

  1. Right-click the new PivotTable and select PivotTable Options.

The PivotTable Options dialog opens.

  1. In the Display tab, select the Classic PivotTable layout (enables dragging of fields in the grid) checkbox.
  1. Click OK.
  2. In the PivotTable Field List table, drag and drop fields from the Choose fields to add to report list to the tables to add fields to the filter options, columns, rows, and values of the report.
  • Fields added to the Report Filter table are available as filter options for the report.
  • Fields added to the Column Fields table are used as columns for the report.
  • Fields added to the Row Fields table are used as rows for the report.
  • Fields added to the Values Fields are used as values in the body of the report. By clicking a field in the Value table and selecting the Value Field Settings option you can specify the type of calculation to use to summarize data for the field.

The data table in the report are automatically updated when new fields are added so you can immediately see the effects of your changes.

  1. To add a chart to the report, click the data table to select it and select the chart type in the Insert tab.

The chart is added to the report.

  1. Save the Excel spreadsheet.

Upload it to the Template Library to update the report template with your changes.

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