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Updated 5 days ago by Elena Yurkova

Error Message

Incorrect queries

This the most common error message and it's related to incorrect queries.


  • In the widgets, you are trying to connect fields from the tables that are not connected.
  • There were updates related to one of the fields used for the widget creation.


  • Hover on the message and see what fields are disconnected. Make necessary changes to ensure that only connected fields are used for creation of the widget.
  • If all widgets on the dashboard have this symbol, something could be wrong with dashboard filters. Toggle all dashboard filters OFF. If the errors disappear, find the filter that causes the problem. The next step, remove this field and add it back.
  • This is a rare case, but for older dashboards it might be necessary to remove and re-add fields in the widget designer. To do that, go to the widgets edit mode, remove and add back field by field starting from Categories, followed by fields used in Values, Break By, and Widget Filters.

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