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The Opportunities following tab displays the Opportunities associated with the current entry. In the Opportunities following tab for an Address Book entry, all Opportunities associated with the entry are displayed. In a Campaign, all Opportunities in which the Campaign is assigned to are displayed. Generally, the Opportunities are for Address Book entries subscribed to the campaign.

Opportunities are displayed in a list based on criteria specified in the status and close date filters. You can select and sort entries like in other lists in Maximizer.

You can add opportunities only from an Address Book entry, not from a Campaign.
You can NOT save an individual in the favorite list from the Opportunities module.

About Opportunities

Opportunity management helps you and your colleagues manage your sales processes. Sales prospects may range from single businesses to multiple corporations or governments. Opportunities help you define and strengthen your selling methodology.

  • You can use opportunities to formalize your sales processes.
  • Create sales processes—the stages you go through to close a sale.
  • Effectively schedule and coordinate the selling process among all members of your sales team.
  • Ensure that all the right people in your organization have up-to-date information about the status of your Opportunities.
  • Forecast the probability of successfully closing your Opportunities.
  • View strategies for Opportunities.

In short, your sales team can define your sales processes—the stages you go through to close different types of sales—and then apply those sales processes to Opportunities.

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