Create a Colouring Rule

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Coloring rules shade entries with different colors depending on the values of specific fields. You can set up coloring rules in the Address Book, Opportunities, Customer Service, and Hotlist pages.

Each coloring rule includes a set of values for a specific field. You can choose a background color and a text color for each value in the rule. When you apply a coloring rule, the entries that have the same value for the field are colored even if the value is hidden in the current column setup.

The colors of current and selected entries override the colors in coloring rules.

Create a Colouring Rule

  1. Select View > Coloring Rules.
  2. Click Add.

  1. Enter a Name for the coloring rule.

You can also enter a description and specify values in the Full access and Read access fields.
  1. Next to Match entries using this field, click the ellipsis button.

  1. From the Basic Fields or User Defined Fields list, select the field for the rule, and click OK.

  1. Click Add.

  1. Select a Value for the field, choose Text and Background colors, and click OK.
In the Customer Service page, the text color of overdue cases is always red. To distinguish overdue cases from other cases, choose text colors other than red for values in customer service cases.
  1. Repeat steps 6-7 for other values of the field.
  2. Click OK to save the coloring rule.

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