Logging Into the Mobile App - On Premise

Updated 2 years ago by Niall Clifford

Steps to login for Maximizer On-Premise users

Information required to Login

Your Host Server

This is the address that you type in your browser to access Maximizer.

e.g. maximizer.yourdomain.com

The app will auto-format the URL to what it needs for access
The app cannot translate ports other than the standard port 80 (http) and 443 (https) at this time.

Your Address Book

This is the Address Book that contains the customer you want access to.

Your User ID

The ID that you use to Access your Maximizer Address Book.


Your Maximizer Password.

Before being logged into your Address Book you will receive the following prompt:

You will then be presented with an option to add your Fingerprint/FaceID (if enabled on your phone/tablet) for future logins.

You can either register this Biometric or cancel to Skip this step.

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