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To complete this procedure, you must have the Insert permission for Address Book entries.

You can add Contact entries attached to existing Companies and Individuals. When you add a new Contact to the Address Book, you need to specify fields that are different from the Company or Individual entry. You can add Contacts as regular entries or as sales leads.

If you modify the address, you are prompted to change the current mailing address for the Company or to create a new mailing address for the Company. The new address is applied to the Contact, and you can later apply it to other Contacts associated with the Company.

You can add a Contact from the main list in the Address Book page or from the Contacts tab in the following pane.

  1. In the Address Book page, click on the Company or Individual to make it the current entry.

– or –

In the Opportunities, Customer Service, or Hotlist page, select an entry associated with the Company or Individual.

  1. Select Edit > Add Contact for or Add Contact Lead for.
  • This options applies only to the current entry in the Address Book page.

– or –

Right-click, and select Add > Contact for.

  • This option applies only in the Address Book page.

– or –

In the following pane, select the Contacts tab, and select the Add a Contact icon.

  • If necessary, the Address Book page opens.
  • In the following pane, the Details tab displays fields for the new Contact. Some fields are populated with values from the Company or Individual entry.

  1. Enter the basic information about the Contact, including the NamePosition, and Department. And specify any additional information that differs from the Company or Individual entry.

  1. Select the mailing address for the Contact if it differs from the main Company or Individual address. You can edit any of the existing addresses or add a new one.
When you create a new address, it becomes available to the other Contacts associated with the Company or Individual. You can later select it as the current address for other associated Contacts.
  1. Click Save to save the entry.

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