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Campaigns help you and your colleagues promote your company and manage complex marketing campaigns.

With automated campaigns, you can broadcast your marketing message to anyone in your Address Book. A campaign can reach out to your entire Address Book or to a group of entries by email.

You can include merge fields in your outgoing campaign media so all recipients get messages that are customized with their names, companies, or any other fields in their Address Book entry information.

You can “broadcast” email to any number of Address Book entries to support your marketing campaign. Ask your Internet Service Provider if there is a limit on how many email messages that can be sent concurrently. You can control the cycle time check in the automated services preferences in Administrator.

You can work with your campaigns in the Campaigns page. Like the other main pages, the Campaigns page is list-based, which means your entries are displayed as items in a list. All of your campaign-related activities are done in the Campaigns page.

Tips For Working in the Campaigns page:

  1. Select the Campaigns icon to open the Campaigns page.
  2. The tabbed following pane shows additional information for the selected entry.
  3. Click on a campaign to open it.

Changing the List of Campaigns

To complete this procedure, you must have Read permission for campaigns.

When you first open the Campaigns page, all campaigns in the Address Book are displayed. You can change the list of campaigns to display only campaigns you have created, current campaigns you have created, or all current campaigns.

You can also use the options on the Search menu to search for campaigns.

In the Campaigns page, open the View menu, and select one of the following options:

  • My Campaigns – To display all campaigns you created.
  • My Current Campaigns – To display the campaigns you created that are in progress.
  • All Campaigns – To display all campaigns in the Address Book.
  • Current Campaigns – To display all campaigns that are in progress.

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