Insights - Reporting Time Zones

Updated 3 years ago by Elena Yurkova

Insights - Reporting Time Zone

The time zone in Insights is set per account, not per user as the rest of Maximizer WebAccess. 

Some users might experience a discrepancy when they see a timestamp, e.g. a time of a record creation, in Insights vs. the main app.

The reasoning behind this is that corporate reporting is done from a one time zone perspective (usually a headquarter time).

  1. To change Reporting Time Zone, click Settings.

  1. Select a time zone in the drop down list beside Report Time Zone.
There could be discrepancies in the timestamp in Insights and WebAccess

Reasons Behind Possible Discrepancies:

  1. A user's time zone for Maximizer Web Access is different from the reporting time zone.
  2. A browser's time zone is different from the reporting time zone and/or Maximizer Web Access.
  3. A user is On-Premise - Maximizer On-Premise doesn't store all data in UTC, which can cause issues.

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