How to Enable Skype VoIP in Maximizer

Updated 1 year ago by Celina Kwan

  1. In Maximizer, open Administration > Administrator.
  2. Select System Options > Modify Options.
  1. Under VOIP/IM Integration, ensure the description and URL is set to the following:

Once these options have been set, follow these steps to make a call:

  1. Click the dial icon:
  1. As the VoIP settings have been configured, the Dial button is now visible. Click Dial.

Note: If Skype is not running, it will start itself and login with the last used account (Must be Enterprise Voice Enabled as it requires the ability to dial Phone Numbers).

SkypeForBusiness will appear and present the following:

  1. Select Click to Call +*PhoneNumber* and Skype will call the number.

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