Insights - Filter Doesn't Filter Values as Expected

Updated 3 years ago by Elena Yurkova

Filter Doesn't Filter Values as it Should

If the data you see on the dashboard is not what you expect it to be, the first thing to check is selection options in filters. Start with checking dashboard filters first and if needed move deeper to each widget, checking widget and formula filters.

The most common case is the mass update in Maximizer. For example, if Category change names, Sales Teams, Processes etc. These new values won't be automatically picked by the filters. You have to select all and pick correct changed label.

In rare cases, a filter might stop working. For example, it doesn't respond to the selection or it might even show empty values, like in the case below.

How to resolve:

  1. Refresh your browser.
  2. Make sure that widget filters and a dashboard filter are not contradicting. For example, if a Widget filter under Process says Include All and a dashboard filter under Process says Default, on this widget you will see data not only for one Default process, but for all processes.
  3. If previous steps didn't help or the filter shows an empty list, remove the filter and add it back again. Before you do this:
  • Write down filter's table and column or field name, e.g. in this example, Process can belong either to Leads or Opportunities
  • Check for every widget on the dashboard if this filter is applied or not. If not, remember to switch it off after you remove and add it back.

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