Create a User-Defined Field for the Leads Module

Updated 3 years ago by Niall Clifford

Currently in Maximizer, you can set up a number of User-Defined fields for the Leads module. The current User-Defined field types available for the Leads module are:

  • Alphanumeric Fields
  • Date Fields
  • Numeric Fields
  • Table Fields
  • Yes/No (Also a Table field with two values, Yes & No)

When setting up a new User-Defined field for the Leads module, by default, Maximizer will have “Leads” checked off.

To add a User-Defined field for the Leads modules: 

  1. Select Administration.

  1. Select Set up User-Defined Fields.

  1. Select Add Field and choose one of the available Field types for the Leads module. Example, Alphanumeric User-Defined field.

  1. Fill in the Field name and any other relevant settings for your new User-defined Field.


Note: Maximum field length MUST be set on Field creation, it CANNOT be modified after the field has been created.

  1. Select OK to save the Field.

Take note that you will see the leads module symbol appear against any fields that have been enabled to be used in the Leads module.

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