Microsoft Outlook Synchronization

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Microsoft Outlook Synchronization mirrors select Appointments, Tasks, and Address Book entries between Maximizer and Microsoft Outlook to ensure the entries exist in both programs and that they both contain the same information. Outlook Synchronization is included in Outlook Integration for Maximizer.

Outlook Synchronization settings are configured on a per-user basis, and each Maximizer user has one set of configuration settings. Outlook Synchronization preferences enable you to specify the following settings:

  • The frequency of synchronization. This setting determines how often entries are synchronized including the option only to synchronize manually.

  • Conflict resolution options. When an entry has changed in both Maximizer and Outlook since the last synchronization, you can choose to have the Maximizer entry override the Outlook entry, or vice-versa.

  • The type of entries to synchronize. You can choose to synchronize appointments, tasks, and Address Book entries.

  • The date range within which appointments and tasks are synchronized. All appointments and tasks scheduled within the specified date range are synchronized. These settings apply to appointments and tasks in both Maximizer and Outlook.

  • Phone number mapping options. You can specify a mapping between each phone number field in your Outlook contacts and a corresponding field in your Maximizer Address Book entries.

The “Sync Issues” folder in Outlook contains log files and items that Outlook has been unable to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange. This folder does not apply to Outlook Synchronization with Maximizer.

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