Restricting Search Fields

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If you only want to search for entries with a matching value in a specific field, you can restrict the search by entering the name of the field followed by a colon and the value to search for.

When searching on a specific field, the colon must come immediately after the field name, followed by the search term, with no spaces in-between.

For example, if you only want to look for companies with the name "Maximizer", but you want to ignore companies where "Maximizer" appears in other fields, you would search for the following phrase:


The following keywords are supported by the quick search for Address Book entries:

  • Name – Searches the first name, last name, and initial fields
  • Company – Searches the company name field.
  • Address – Searches all of the address fields.
  • Phone – Searches all of the phone fields.
  • Email – Searches all of the email fields

You can also use this notation to search for values in user-defined fields. For example, if you have a table user-defined field called "Region" in a "Customer Profile" folder, and you want to search for all entries with the value "International" in that field, you would search for the following phrase:

"Customer Profile\Region":International
Use a backslash character (\) between folder and field names when searching for user-defined fields. If any part of the folder or field name contains a space, enclose the full path of the field in double-quotes, as shown in the example above.

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