View Campaign Statistics

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To complete this procedure, you must have Read permission for campaigns.

You can view overall campaign statistics in the Basic Information tab of an open campaign. You can also add the Total bounces, Total unique clicks, Total opened emails, Total replies, and Unsubscribes fields to the column setup in the Campaigns page.

  1. Open the campaign.
  2. If necessary, select a Key Fields list containing the campaign statistics you want to view.

By default, the campaign statistics fields are included in the Default Key Fields list, including the following fields:

  • Unique opened emails – The number of subscribers that open one of the email messages in a campaign.
  • Unsubscribes – The total number of subscribers who have unsubscribed from the campaign.
  • Total unique clicks – The number of unique visits to landing page URLs in the campaign by subscribers.
  • Total replies – The number of campaign subscribers that have replied to a campaign message.
  • Total bounces – The number of email messages that have been returned to the campaign sender.

View Statistics on Campaign Activities

To complete this procedure, you must have Read permission for campaigns

You can view statistics on each activity in your campaign from the Activities tab in an open campaign. The information you can view includes the number of messages that were sent and that had errors. You can also view the numbers of subscribers who opened the email, who unsubscribed from the campaign, and who visited each of the URLs included in the email message.

  1. Open the campaign and select the Campaign Plan tab.

  1. Scroll to the right to view more statistics for the activities.

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