Add a Favorite List to the Quick Access Toolbar

Updated 3 years ago by Celina Kwan

You can add a Favorite List to your quick access toolbar from the Favorite Lists dialog. When adding a Favorite List to the Quick Access toolbar you can choose how you want the Favorite List to appear in the toolbar by specifying a name and icon for the shortcut.

You can add Favorite Lists from the Favorite Lists dialog in the Address Book, Customer Service, and Opportunities pages.

  1. Select View > Favorite Lists.
  1. If necessary, from the Show drop-down list, select My Favorite Lists or All Favorite Lists to change the list of Favorite Lists displayed.
  1. Select the Favorite List that you want to create a shortcut for and click Add to Icon Bar for Quick Access.

  1. Enter a Name and select an Icon for the new Quick Access toolbar shortcut, and click Save.
When you select a Quick Access toolbar shortcut, Maximizer CRM automatically switches to the appropriate page and retrieves the associated saved search or Favorite List.

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