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How-to interact with Insights dashboards when you have Dashboard Read permission

  1. If it's your first time accessing Insights, you'll receive the welcome below:
  1. The left panel shows if there any dashboards already accessible to you.

Who is a 'Viewer' in Insights?

A viewer is a person who can only view dashboards created by somebody else.

A dashboard creator or 'Dashboard Owner' has ultimate rights for the dashboard. For example, s/he can modify a dashboard at anytime and republish changes. Also, an owner can add/remove people who have access to the dashboard. If an owner revoked a viewer's rights, the dashboard simply disappears from the viewer's dashboard list without notice.

You can easily find the name and email of an owner by hovering over a dashboard's name.

This list provides the following information: 

  • Name: The name of the dashboard.
  • Owner: The name of the dashboard's owner.
  • Created Date: The date and time of dashboard creation.
  • Last Modified: The last time the dashboard was modified. Any changes to the dashboard or to the dashboard metadata (share list, and reporting schedule) affect the “last modified” timestamp.

How can a viewer interact with dashboard?

For detailed walk through, check the presentation below:

Insights Training - Viewer.pptx

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