Twilio Integration Setup Guide for Maximizer CRM Live

Updated 2 years ago by Niall Clifford

  1. Select App Directory.

  1. Select Twilio.

  1. Select Get it Now.

  1. Next, you are prompted to enter your Twilio Account SID & Auth Token. This information can be found in your Twilio Account. To find this information, log into your Twilio account via Twilio, and select Dashboard. You will find the Account SID and Auth Token Listed on this page:

You can easily copy the Account SID and the Auth Token by clicking on the icon to the right of the rows:

  1. Paste this information into the appropriate fields in the Maximizer - Twilio login page.

  1. To complete this step, Select Submit.

  1. Now that the connection between Maximizer and Quickbooks has been established, you can return to the Address Book and you will find the Twilio tab in the lower pane of your screen:

If this tab is not visible, select +.

Enable the Twilio integrations visibility by selecting the Eye (without a strike through) and press OK.

Now the Quickbooks tab should be visible.

  1. Once the integration is visible and you load up an entry in Maximizer, you should see the following under the Twilio Tab:

  1. You can now proceed with sending SMS messages to your Maximizer Entries.

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