Arithmetic Expressions

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Using the basic arithmetic symbols, you can include arithmetic expressions in formula user-defined fields and in rules for mandatory user-defined fields. Combine multiple expressions to create complicated arithmetic formulas.

Formula user-defined fields and rules for mandatory user-defined fields can use the following symbols:

  • + for addition.

Add any numeric values to each other, add integers to date values, and add alphanumeric fields or strings separated with quotation marks to each other.

  • - for subtraction.

Subtract any numeric values from each other, and subtract date values from each other. Date values return integers representing the number of days between the dates.

  • for multiplication.

Multiply numeric values together.

  • for division.

Divide numeric values by other numeric values.

  • ( ) for nested operations.

Use parentheses to create more complex operations on several numeric values or to combine multiple comparison statements.

Example: Numeric Values

Formula: ([Numeric field] + [Numeric field]) * [Numeric field]

Return value: Numeric

Example: Date Values

Formula: [Date 1] - [Date 2]

Return value: Numeric, the number of days between the two dates.

Example: Date and Numeric Values

Formula: [Date 1] + [Numeric field]

Return value: Date

Example: Alphanumeric Values

Formula: [FirstName] + " " + [LastName]

Return value: Alphanumeric, the two words listed together, separated by a space (FirstName LastName).

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