Search for Entries by Documents

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To complete this procedure, full-text search must be enabled for your database. 

You can search for entries that have documents matching the search criteria you specify. You can search for Address Book entries, Opportunities, or Customer Service cases by document.

Your search criteria can specify text in the body of documents. Full-text search works for the following types of documents: .DOC, .XLS, .PPT, .TXT, .HTM, .RTF, .XML, and .PDF.

  1. In the Address Book, Opportunities, or Customer Service page, select Search > Documents.
  1. Specify your search criteria.
  • To search for entries with documents that contain a specific word or phrase, type the word or phrase in the Text in document field.
The search returns only entries containing full words specified in the search text. If you search for text that is included in part of a word, the search does not return entries that contain that word. For example, if you search for “hedge”, only entries containing the word “hedge” are returned. Entries containing the word “hedgehog” are not returned.
  • To search for entries with documents that have a specific name, type the beginning of the name of the document in the Name of document field.
The search looks for document names that begin with the characters entered.
  • To search for entries with documents of a specific category, select the category from the Category drop-down list.
  • To search for entries with documents created by a specific user, select the user’s name from the Creator drop-down list.
  • To search for entries with documents that were created within a specific date range, enter the date range in the From and Until fields. Or, select Search all dates.
  • To search for entries with documents that exceed a given file size, enter the minimum number of kilobytes in the Documents larger than field.
  • To search for a specific type of Address Book entry, select the type(s) to search for in the Find Matching area.
  1. In the Modify current entries list area, select one of the options.

  • Add search results to list displays the entries that match your search criteria, without removing any currently displayed entries from the list.
  • Narrow list searches only selected entries (or all currently displayed entries if none are selected), and removes any entries that do not match your search criteria.
  • Replace list with search results removes all entries currently displayed in the list and replaces them with entries that match your search criteria.
  1. Click OK to run the search.

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