Setting Up Environment to Only See Team Members

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See only my team members when it comes to assigning a Task, set up a meeting or view their workdays.


In order to achieve this, you must first contact your Maximizer Administrator in order to review your company security policy. This is very helpful when you have large list of users and only want to work with your team members.

To demonstrate the workflow, security group “NorthAmericaSecurity” was set up with the following team members:

Adesheildze, Ian Macphail, Khan, Sheraz, Support

  1. In the Maximizer Admin Module > Create a security team “NorthAmericaSecurity” and add all your team members in it
  2. In Maximizer Admin Module > System Options > Modify Options > check “Show only groups (and related users) which the current user is a member of
  3. In the Maximizer Admin Module > Users > use checkbox to select your team member user account > Preferences > Calendar/Hotlist > Access to Calendar and Access to Hotlist select the security group “NorthAmericaSecurity” you’ve created in Step 1
  • Repeat this step for all your team members preferences
  1. Have all your team members to confirm following settings after they login > Personal Preferences. “Display users by Groups “ > Security Groups > Save.

Now when you or your team member will create a Hotlist Task and assign or create an appointment, you will only see people relevant to you or your team members when inviting attendees.

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