Maximizer and Single Sign-On

Updated 10 months ago by Patrick Wong

One of Maximizer's most recent features is Single Sign-On. Single Sign-On (SSO for short) is a user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications. With Maximizer's SSO feature, you can set up a 3rd-party identity provider (IDP) that allows your users to log into Maximizer through the IDP.

At the time of writing this article, the only 3rd-party IDP Maximizer connects with is Microsoft Azure.

Single Sign-On is only available for Maximizer Enterprise 2021 and later.

To set up a custom identity provider, go to Icon Bar > Administration > Settings > System Options > Single Sign-on screen. Maximizer is the default identity provider. To set up a custom IDP, click ‘Add Identity Provider’ button. In the screen for adding an identity provider, all fields are required. Once the settings have been saved, the custom IDP will be available. In this release, only one custom IDP can be created. Instruction on how to set up a custom IDP.

The identity providers are specified at the database level. Each database on the same server can have different IDPs enabled. One of the following situations can be applied in a database:

  • Only Maximizer logins are enabled – The users log in using Maximizer user ID and password.
  • Both Maximizer login and a custom IDP are enabled – The users can log in using Maximizer login credentials or log in through their custom IDP.
  • Only custom IDP is enabled – The users log in to Maximizer through their custom IDP. In this situation, when the users try to access the Maximizer Login page, they will automatically be redirected to the Login page of the IDP

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