Synchronizing Appointments and Tasks with Microsoft Outlook

Updated 3 years ago by dustin keir

When Outlook Synchronization is configured, it can synchronize select appointments and tasks between the Maximizer Address Book and Microsoft Outlook. Appointments and Tasks scheduled within the specified date ranges are synchronized. As well, the following activities are synchronized:

  • If an instance of a recurring appointment occurs within the specified date range, all instances of the recurring appointment are synchronized.

  • If a task is scheduled prior to the specified date range, but the “Carry forward unfinished tasks” option is selected, the task is synchronized.

You can specify whether or not to include private appointments and tasks in the synchronization.

The Products/Services, Categories, attendees, resources, and any notes you add to appointments in Maximizer are synchronized to Outlook. These items appear as part of the Appointment dialog box in Outlook.

In Maximizer, you can specify custom values for the priority field in Hotlist tasks. However, in Outlook, all tasks are set with Low, Normal, or High priority. When a custom priority is specified in Maximizer, the task is created with Normal priority in Outlook. When the task is synchronized again, the priority is set as "Med" in Maximizer and the custom value is lost.

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