Insights - Formula Editor

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Insights - Formula editor overview

The Formula Editor is where Designers define formulas for a dashboard's widgets. This article is a high level introduction to the formulas to get you started. If you are familiar with the Formula Editor, and what to learn about different functions see Insights - Formula guide.

To open the Formula Editor:

  • Do one of the following:
    • For a new widget, click Select Data, and then  .
    • For an existing widget, click on the edit formula button  .

The Formula Editor has two tabs, the Data Browser to select fields and the Functions tab to select formula operations. You can create a formula combining one or more function, field and filters. The diagram below highlights the main components of the formula panel.

  1. Functions are operations which perform different calculations, for example a sum. Use the search box to quickly find the formula you need.
  2. Fields in the Data Browser contain all fields accessible in Insights, i.e. all basic fields plus User-Defined fields handpicked by your Maximizer admin. Clicking on a field in the data browser will include it as part of the formula.
  3. Filters can be applied to restrict formulas based on criteria. See Insights - Creating Formulas Based on Criteria and Conditions (Filters)
  4. Starring is a way to save a formula for later use.
  5. The Formula Editor window can be expanded by clicking the expand button at the top right.

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