Maximizer Teams

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If your company or organization is using opportunity or campaign management, you can set up sales and marketing teams. Sales teams are used for sales opportunities in Maximizer, and marketing teams are used for traditional marketing campaigns.

Teams help leaders delegate and manage opportunities and traditional campaigns in Maximizer. Team leaders can delegate tasks in an opportunity or a traditional campaign to team members.

A team is composed of a team leader and team members:

  • Team Leader: In a team, one person is designated as a team leader who has the right to make changes to the opportunity or traditional campaign, as well as to the opportunity’s or traditional campaign’s team.

The team leader always has edit rights.

  • Team Member: A regular team member does not have the right to change the traditional campaign/opportunity or the team. The member’s role is to perform the tasks the team leader assigns.

A team member has either edit, audit, or standard rights, as described below.

Team Access rights

  • Edit: Allows a member full access to all campaigns and opportunities assigned to the team. Members with this type of access have full team leader rights and may modify the status of an opportunity or campaign and may also reassign tasks.
  • Audit: Allows a member to view all campaigns and opportunities assigned to him/her.
  • Standard: Allows for basic rights to “work” (apply steps) opportunities and campaigns. These rights do not allow the member to change a status of an opportunity or campaign.

Security, or access rights, cannot be assigned to sales or marketing teams. Therefore, to control the security of more than one user, you must set up a security group for the team members.

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