Introduction to Maximizer CRM Live

Updated 7 months ago by Niall Clifford

Before you begin using Maximizer CRM Live, there are a number of important things you should be aware of:

  1. If you have previously installed Maximizer Outlook and/or Word Add-ons - You will need to re-download, and then reinstall
  • They can be found under the Administration Desktop icon and Mobile Setup icon. If not, they will be installed during your user setup
  1. Your mobile site (phone and tablet access) is shown under the Administration Desktop and Mobile Setup icon and the address listed below
  • There is an option to email this URL to your mobile device
  1. By default, the Notes and Document tabs have a filter which is set to 12 months
  • You can adjust this if you want to see older notes or documents
  1. The number of items retrieved in a search is determined by your preferences (set in the top right)
  2. Our CRM Live Training is also included and is strongly recommended that all potential users participate.
If you wish to have shorter, specific tutorials, visit our Youtube page
  1. For support, you can email us at , start a chat on our website or call +1-866-275-1254
Only use Internet Explorer if you wish to use the Microsoft Word integration. If not using MS Word, we recommend using another browser
To quickly switch Modules, Press Shift + the first letter of the Module name (ex. To get to Leads press Shift + L)

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