Adjustable Default Settings & Access to Calendar/Hotlist

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Adjustable Default Settings include:

Alarm lead time – Enter the default amount of time before an appointment alarm is to appear; choose minutes, hours, days, or weeks as the unit of measurement. You can change this lead time for individual appointments when you create or edit them.

Default interval – Specify the length of time periods in the daily and weekly view of the Calendar. For example, if you want to schedule activities in half-hour intervals, select 30 minutes. This setting also controls the default appointment length in the Add Appointment dialog box.

Set alarm on when adding an appointment – Select this option to turn on alarm sounds for appointments that you arrange for yourself and other users.

Default view – Choose whether the Calendar displays the daily, weekly, weekly list, or monthly views by default. You can change the current view from the Calendar page.

First day of week – Specify the first day of the week in the Calendar page.

Working hours from/to – Select your working hours. Working hours are displayed in a different color from non-working hours.

You can choose who has rights to view or modify your Calendar appointments and Hotlist tasks. None are default, though you can choose all users, an individual user, or a security group.

Tasks can be reassigned to other users (though not security groups) if they have given you permission using the “Full access” option below." Appointments can never be reassigned.

  • Full access – Gives the same access rights as you.

For example, if you want your assistant to be able to set up and modify your appointments and tasks, choose the assistant’s name from the drop-down list. Or, if you want to allow a team member to reassign tasks to yourself, choose the team member’s name.

  • Read access – Gives the selected users or security group the ability to view your Calendar and Hotlist. Users who are given read access can view your busy time periods and appointment details such as meeting subject and participants. They cannot, however, open your tasks and appointments.
Non-work days are hidden from the weekly Calendar view if you clear the “Show non-work days in weekly view” option.

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