Create an Automated Campaign Template

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Before Creating an Automated Campaign Template

Creating automated campaigns requires that you first define campaign templates. Automated campaign templates define the actions that occur when you implement a campaign. Each template contains a series of scheduled activities that must be performed in order to complete the automated campaign.

When adding activities to a campaign template, you will need to plan some details ahead of time, including the following:

  • How many email messages, faxes, or printed documents you want to send.
  • Which file types to use for the campaign activity.
  • How many days after the campaign is launched that the campaign message are sent.
  • Which email type to use for email messages.

Once you have a plan worked out, you can create an automated campaign template.

Creating an Automated Campaign Template

  1. Select Edit.
  1. Select Automated Campaign Templates.
  1. Click Add to add a new template.

  1. Choose whether you are creating an entirely new campaign template or one that is based on an existing campaign template.

If you choose to base the new campaign template on an existing campaign template, Maximizer copies the content of the existing campaign template into your new campaign template.
  1. Type a name and description for the new campaign template and click OK. .

  1. Select Next.

  1. In the Activities wizard page, use the AddProperties, and Delete buttons to define the series of activities that comprise this template.

  1. When you are finished defining activities, click Next.

  1. To create an automated campaign immediately using the template, select Launch a new campaign based on this template.

  1. Click Finish to save the template.

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