QuickBooks Integration Setup for Maximizer CRM Live

Updated 2 years ago by Niall Clifford

To set up the INTUIT Quickbooks Online Integration, you will need a QuickBooks online Account. You can sign up for one of these by going to QuickBooks. Further information about Quickbooks and Quickbooks pricing can also be found on their website.


  1. Select App Directory.

  1. Select QuickBooks Online.

  1. Click Get it Now.

  1. Next, you will be brought to a Sign in page. Enter your Maximizer User ID & Password and select login to continue.

  1. Once the credentials are accepted, a new page will load requesting permission from Quickbooks to connect Maximizer and Quickbooks.

  1. Select Connect to continue with the set up process or No, Thanks to abort the setup.

Currently, The Quickbooks integration can only integrate ONE Quickbooks Company to Maximizer.

  1. Next, Quickbooks will prompt you to select the “Source of Truth” for this Integration, This means if there is a Conflict either Maximizer or Quickbooks would be the source of truth to resolve this conflict. Additionally, you will be asked where the Quickbooks address will be mapped to in Maximizer. The options are the Billing Address or the Shipping Address:

  1. Once you have made the appropriate selection for your scenario, select Submit and a confirmation screen will appear giving you a result of the integration setup. In this case, we were Successful:

  1. Now that the connection between Maximizer and Quickbooks has been established, you can return to the Address Book and you will find the Quick books tab in the lower pane of your screen:


If this tab is not visible, select +.


Enable the QuickBooks integrations visibility by selecting the Eye (without a strike through) and press OK.

  1. Now the Quickbooks tab should be visible.

Once one Maximizer user has integrated the Maximizer Database with Quickbooks, all other users in that database will also be able to see that Quickbooks Tab. Only one user needs to Configure the Quickbooks integration for it to work for everyone.
If you were to go back into the App Directory, Select Quickbooks again and Select, Get It Now, this would disconnect the current connection between Maximizer and Quickbooks – This should only be done, if you needed to switch to another Quickbooks Company.
Now that the connection between Maximizer and QuickBooks has been configured, the next task will be to Synchronize information between the Maximizer entry and QuickBooks.
To quickly and easily track which entries are synced Between Maximizer and Quickbooks, you may want to either add a Favorite list or add a user defined field to track Synced contacts. For the user defined field, we would suggest something simple like a Yes/No field. Remember to add this field to your Keyfield lists.

  1. Next, load up entries in your Address Book. Go to the Quickbooks Tab and select Connect.

  1. You will see a confirmation that the connection has been initiated, and that the QuickBooks data will be displayed after the next Synchronization cycle.

  1. Repeat this connection step for all Entries in Maximizer which you want to sync with QuickBooks.
Do not forget to add the entries that will be synced to quick books, to your Favorite list or Update the User-Defined Field.

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