Align Territories

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To complete this procedure, you must have the Sales Manager role.

Use these steps to align territories automatically using Territory Management. Once the alignment is complete, Maximizer sends an email to the current user with the results of the alignment. To receive the email, you must have an email address specified in your user properties. During the territory alignment, you can continue to work in Maximizer.

  1. From the Address Book page, select Edit > Territory Management.

The Territory Management dialog box opens.

  1. Select the Alignment tab.
  1. Specify the Territory alignment conditions.
  • For example, if you want territories aligned for all Address Book entries, select the All entries option.
  1. Specify the alignment Options.
  • Select Unassign territories to unassign territories from Address Book entries.
  • Select Overwrite territories set by manager to overwrite territories that were set by Sales Managers.
  1. Click Align Territories.

If the alignment assigns a territory to an entry, the name of the territory is displayed in the Territory field, and the value “Set by rule” is displayed in the Territory Status field. If no territory is assigned to an entry (and one has not been set manually), the value in the Territory Status field is “Unassigned”.   

The value “Set by rule (unaligned)” is displayed in the Territory Status field when:

  • An entry previously assigned to a territory no longer matches the territory rules. (The rules or the entry have changed.) However, if the entry matches the rules of another territory, it will be aligned to that territory.
  • A territory that was set by a user at the time of the entry’s creation does not match the rules of the territory it was assigned to or the rules of any other territory.
  • A territory that was assigned to an entry by a Sales Manager does not match any territory rules, and the “Overwrite territories set by manager” option is selected.

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