Add a Customer Service Case

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To complete this procedure, you must have Insert permission for Customer Service.

When creating a new case, you can select an Address Book entry or select an existing customer service case or activity associated with the Address Book entry.

  1. Click on the Address Book entry or an existing customer service case associated with the Address Book entry to make it the current entry.

– or –

In the Hotlist page, click on an activity associated with the Address Book entry to make it the current entry.

  1. In the Address Book page, select Actions > Create a Customer Service Case.

– or –

In the Address Book or Customer Service page, right-click and select Create a Case.

– or –

In the Customer Service page, select Edit > Create a case.

– or –

In the Address Book or Hotlist page, in the following pane, select the Customer Service tab, and select the Add icon.

The Details tab opens.

You can select a different Address Book entry in the Details tab by clicking the Company/Individual field.
  1. If necessary, click the Contact field to search for a Contact for the case.

The Contact can be associated with any Company or Individual in the Address Book, and not only with the selected Address Book entry.

  1. Specify the basic fields for the customer service case.
  • Select the applicable Products/Services and Categories for the case.
  • Enter a Subject and a Description of the case.

  1. From the Key Fields for drop-down list, select a Key Fields list, and enter values for the fields in the list.

Key Fields lists contain system fields and user-defined fields. They may include the following fields:

  • Follow-up deadline – Select the follow-up deadline for the case.
  • Case Owner – Select the Maximizer user who is ultimately responsible for the closure of the case.
  • Assigned to – Select the Maximizer user who the case is assigned to.

A Hotlist task, based on the follow-up deadline, is automatically created for the assigned user. The task is automatically modified when the follow-up deadline or assigned user is modified. And when the case is resolved, the task is marked as complete.

  1. Click Save to save the new customer service case.

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