Create Envelopes and Mailing Labels for Maximizer Entries

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To complete this procedure, Microsoft Word Integration must be installed.

When you use Microsoft Word with Maximizer, you can create envelopes and mailing labels for the current entry in Maximizer or for multiple selected entries. The envelopes and labels are automatically formatted with the name and address of the Maximizer contact using the Address format set up in your user Preferences in Maximizer.

This procedure is written for Microsoft Word 2007 or later. The steps are slightly different in earlier versions of Word.
  1. In Maximizer, click on the entry to make it the current entry.

– or –

In Maximizer, select multiple entries.

  • Click the checkbox to the left of entries.
  1. In the Maximizer tab in Word, select Envelopes.
  • The Create Envelope dialog box opens.

– or –

To create mailing labels, in the Maximizer tab in Word, select Labels.

  • The Create Mailing Labels dialog box opens.
  1. Set Address options to customize the way the address appears on the envelopes or labels.

Select the All capitals, no punctuation option to display the address in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS with all punctuation removed.

  • To display a line of custom text above the address, enter it in the Add additional text for the first line of the address field.
If you do not want to display additional text above the address, leave this field blank.
  • To display a merge field above the address, select it in the Add a custom field for the second line of the address drop-down list.
If you do not want to display a custom merge field above the address, leave this field blank.
  1. Set the Print option to customize the way the envelopes or labels are printed.

  • When creating envelopes, if you want to include a return address, select the Print return address option and enter the return address in the Return address field.

The Return address field is automatically populated with the return address that is saved in Microsoft Word. Refer to your Microsoft Word documentation for information on how to update this address.

When creating labels, if you will be printing the labels on a partially-used label sheet and would like to set a custom starting position for printing the labels, select the Customize label start position option.
  1. To log a note to the Maximizer entries for which the envelopes or labels are created, enter the text of the note in the Message to log to notes field.

If you do not wish to log a note to the Maximizer entries, leave this field blank.

  1. Click Generate Envelopes or Generate Mailing Labels.
  • The Microsoft Word Envelope Options or Label Options dialog box opens.

Refer to your Microsoft Word documentation for more information on how to use the settings in the Envelope Options and Label Options dialog boxes.
  1. Select the envelope size or label type and other printing options, then click OK.

A new document opens containing the envelopes or labels.

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