Select Users for Case Monitoring

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To complete this procedure, you must have Modify permission for Customer Service cases.

A default list of case monitors is set up in the Customer Service preferences in Administrator. You can select this default list, or you can select any other users to monitor specific Customer Service cases. You can also choose not to monitor specific Customer Service cases.

You can also specify how to monitor new cases in the default case entry.

  1. Click on the Customer Service case to make it the current entry.

  1. Select Edit > Case Monitoring.

– or –

Right-click, and select Case Monitoring.

– or –

In the Details following tab, select the Monitoring icon.

  1. Select one of the Case Monitoring options.

  • Select Do not monitor this case to remove all users from the list so no user receives email regarding this case.
  • Select Use the system default case monitoring user list to display the users specified in the system default case monitoring list.
  • Select Use the custom list below to modify the list of users who monitor the case.
  1. If you select to use a custom list for case monitoring, click Add to add a user to the list.

The Assign User dialog box opens. A list of available users is displayed on the left and the current list of case monitors is displayed on the right.

  1. Select users from the list on the left and click the right arrow button to add the users to the list on the right.

  • To select multiple users, press Control while selecting the users.
  • To select a series of users, select the first user in the series, then press Shift and select the last user in the series.
  • Select a security group, team, department, or division to add all members of the group to the list.

Users are grouped by the security groups, teams, departments, and divisions to which they belong if you have the “Display users by groups” option enabled in your preferences.

  1. Click OK to close the Assign User dialog box.
  2. Click OK to save.

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