Insights - Click Through Doesn't Work

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Insights - Click Through Does Not Work

Click through is an Insights feature that takes you from an Insights visualization to a Maximizer grid by showing the list of records behind the chart.

In most cases, refreshing the browser solves click through problems.

Default Click Through to All Underline Records

By default, Click through is enabled for all chart types, except Pivots. To see original records go to Options on the widget's top right corner, followed by Click through.

In the example below, Click through will return a list of all contacts for all three Account Managers.

If Click through doesn't work, take these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Refresh the browser or go to another Insights dashboard and come back and try again.
  2. If the previous step didn't help duplicate or rebuild this widget.

Click Through by Category (Per Column or Pie Slice)

If you want to perform Click through by category, (for one slice of the pie chart or one bar on the column chart, for example), make sure the dashboard designer has to enable this functionality.

  1. Go to widget's edit mode, and enable Click though for Values (Options > Enable Click through).

In the example below this feature will return records for one of the account managers at the time.

Note: in case of multiple values, Click through must be enabled per data set.
Note: this feature is not supported for maps, scatter maps, or any chart with no Categories and consequently no right-click menu with 'Drill down...' option.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Check if a widget filter is applied to the 'Value', if Yes continue directly to 'Scenario - widget filter is applied to Value'.
  2. Refresh the browser.
  3. If the previous step didn't help duplicate or rebuild the widget.

Click Through for the Charts with No Category

Note: for the complex charts with no categories and multiple values, Click Through per bar/pie slice is not supported.

For the widget with no categories and multiple values, Click Through is not supported.


  1. Temporarily toggle off all values except the bar you want to click through.
  1. Press 'Apply' to save changes.
  2. Refresh the browser.
  3. Click through from the top right corner of the Widget.

Click Through exceptions

Click Through feature or drill back to Maximizer from Insights is not supported for:

  1. 'Pivot' chart types
  2. Rows of the 'Table'. However, you can click through to see the content of the whole table.
  3. Complex scenarios with cross-module functionality that sometimes is impossible to translate to one Maximizer module.
  4. For widgets with widget filters applied to the 'Values'. For example: show me all Account Managers with more than 20 contacts. There is a workaround for this scenario, read below.

Scenario - Widget Filter is Applied to a Value


Show me all Account Managers with more than 20 contacts.

Troubleshooting order:

  1. Make sure you are the dashboard owner. If you are not the Owner but have design rights, the issue will be temporarily fixed in your copy only.
  2. Go to the Widgets' edit mode as shown in the picture above.
  3. Remove Widget filter by clicking 'Bin' icon
  4. Edit formula value from:


In the new version you basically add the same field twice and by using ALL function you ask to pull all values before applying the widget filter. It is important to follow the syntax above:

([Total Field],ALL([Field]))

  1. Now, add back the same widget filter.
  1. Double-check that the Click Through feature is enabled.
  1. Click Apply to save changes.
  2. Refresh and try Click through again.

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