Configuring Voice-over-IP Softphone Integration

Updated 11 months ago by Patrick Wong

Maximizer has a feature that facilitates connecting to your Voice-over-IP (VoIP) softphone. This connection will allow you to send phone numbers of address book entries from Maximizer to your softphone, thus allowing you to call your contacts from within Maximizer.

Refer to the Helpdocs article on calling an Address Book entry for more details.

Here are the instructions to connect Maximizer with your softphone:

  1. In Maximizer, select Administration > Administrator.

  1. Select the System Options page.
  1. The VOIP/IM Integration section is where you connect Maximizer to your VoIP softphone.
    VoIP and IM Integration
  2. Click Modify Options.
  3. Enter a description and the corresponding URL to your VoIP softphone. Here is an example of the RingCentral softphone.
    RingCentral example
When setting up your softphone connection, [PhoneNumber] is the only viable merge field in this context.
  1. Click Save to save your changes.

At this point, you can close the browser tab of your Web Administrator.

Softphones and their URLs

Maximizer's VoIP/IM Integration requires that the softphone you connect with must be able to receive phone numbers from external apps (like Maximizer) using a URL. Here are some URL templates from common softphones:

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