Schedule an Action Plan

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To complete this procedure, you must have Read permission for the Action Plan Library.

Action Plans are lists of predetermined appointments and Hotlist tasks that can be scheduled all at once. Each appointment or task is scheduled to occur a specified number of days before or after the Action Plan start date. Action Plans can be scheduled as personal appointments and tasks for Maximizer users or scheduled for Address Book entries, Opportunities, Campaigns, and Customer Service cases.

You can schedule the Action Plan with a single entry or multiple entries at the same time.

  1. Click on the entry to make it the current entry.

– or –

Select the entries.

  • Click the checkbox to the left of entries.
  • To select all entries between two entries, select an entry and, while holding down the Shift key, select another entry.
  1. Select Actions > Schedule an Action Plan.

The menu applies only to entries selected in the main list.

– or –

Right-click and select Schedule > Action Plan.

– or –

In the following pane, select the Details tab, and under Actions, select Schedule an Action Plan.

The option applies to only the current entry in the main list.

– or –

In the following pane, select the Activities tab, and next to Add, select Schedule Action Plan.

The option applies to only the current entry in the main list.
  1. If necessary, select how you want to use the current list.

You can schedule the Action Plan with only the current entry, with all selected entries, or with all entries in the current list.

If no entries are selected, the Action Plan is automatically scheduled with the current entry. If the current entry is a personal task or appointment, the Action Plan is personal, not associated with an entry.

  1. From the Plan template drop-down list, select an existing Action Plan template.

Details of the selected template are displayed. Optionally, you can modify the plan name and description.

  1. In the Start plan on field, specify the start date of the Action Plan.

You can click the Calendar icon to choose a date from a pop-up calendar.

  1. To take the order of activities into account when activities are completed, select Set activities as dependent.

If this option is selected, users are prompted when they complete activities in the incorrect order.

  1. If necessary, click Advanced to toggle between the advanced and simplified view of the dialog box.

  1. In the Replace current user with drop-down list, select the user to schedule the main Action Plan activities for.

All template activities assigned to the current user are scheduled for the selected user. Template activities assigned for specific users continue to be scheduled for the users specified in the template.

You can also assign specific appointments and tasks to other users by editing the details of the appointment or task.
  1. Select Skip non-work days to schedule activities only on work days.

Any activities scheduled on a non-work day are moved to the next work day.

  1. If necessary, click More to modify or add activities to the Action Plan.

You can click Save to save a modified Action Plan as a new template.

  1. Click OK to finish scheduling the Action Plan for the selected entries.

Depending on your Calendar/Hotlist preferences and the details of the Action Plan activities, you may be prompted to send email messages to other users added to appointments or tasks in the Action Plan.

  1. If necessary, customize the email notifications, and click Send.

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