User-Defined Fields Access Rights

Updated 3 years ago by Niall Clifford

Similar to entries in the Address Book or other modules, you can specify full access and read access rights for any Maximizer users or groups, or you can specify public access to grant access to all Maximizer users.

When creating the user-defined field, the options for restricting access to the user-defined field will be displayed in the properties window for the User-defined field.


If the user-defined field already exists and you wish to restrict access or make the field public, you certainly can.

  1. Click on the Name of the User-Defined field for which a change to the access rights is required.

When you hover your mouse over the name of the field, a line under the field name will appear.

Once you click on the name of the field, the Field properties window will appear. The options for the access rights will be visible in this window.

  1. Next, select Full Access, and set to the Individual, Group/Team or Public if the field is to be accessible to everyone.

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