Create a Formula User-Defined Field

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Formula user-defined fields calculate values based on other basic or user-defined fields. Because they are calculated from values of other fields, values for formulas fields can be viewed in entries but cannot be set manually.

To complete this procedure, you must have Insert permission for user-defined field setup.
  1. In the left navigation pane, click Administration and select Set Up User-Defined Fields.

The Set Up User-Defined Fields dialog box opens.

  1. Select the tab for the category of user-defined fields you want to work with.
  1. Select an existing folder, inside which you want to create a new field.

– or –

Select a user-defined field to create the new field at the same level as the selected field.

  1. Click Add Field and select Formula.
  1. In the Name field, type a name for the user-defined field.

In the Formula field, enter the formula.

User-defined field and folder names cannot contain forward slash or backward slash characters ( / \ ).

Click Insert Field to add basic or user-defined fields to the formula.
You cannot insert other formula user-defined fields into the formula.
  1. From the Formula return type drop-down list, select the type of value returned by the formula: AlphanumericDate, or Numeric.
You can add arithmetic expressions to your formulas. You can also add functions and conditional expressions to create more complex formulas.
The attributes available for the field change depending on the value selected.
  1. Specify the remaining properties of the field.
  2. Click Save.
  • The user-defined field is added to the list.
Formula user-defined fields can return alphanumeric, date, or numeric values. You specify the type of return value while creating the user-defined field. The functions available depend on the types of fields that you want to manipulate.

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