Unable to Receive the PIN for 2FA on the Mobile App

The 4 digit PIN that is sent to you via email has 2 primary purposes:

  1. To provide access to your data with an extra level of security (second factor of authentication)
  2. Retrieves the list of databases your email address is associated with, as one email address can be used as the login for multiple CRM Live accounts.

Common Problems with Receiving the PIN

The most common cause of not receiving the PIN is that the automated email is caught in SPAM/JUNK filters.


  1. Check your Spam or Junk folders for the email
  2. Add the email address "support@maximizercrmlive.com" to your white label list

Still didn't receive the email with a PIN?

There is another method to log-in without a PIN which involves a little bit of work, but you are still able to access your Maximizer CRM Live account from the mobile app. You'll need to manually obtain your CRM Live server information and login using the On Premise option in the mobile app.

Finding your server information

From Maximizer in your web browser, select Administration > Desktop and Mobile Setup.

Under Mobile Access, you'll see a link beside Mobile Access URL. Click this link to open a new tab.

In the URL bar of this new tab we have all the information we need in order to login on the mobile app

The URL breakdown

Your URL will look similar to the following:


The Host Server is everything up to and including "mobile??" where ?? is a two digit number. Your server will likely have a different two digit number, so keep that in mind. When we use the host server to login on the mobile app, we change "mobile" to "api" so the final Host Server value in this example is: https://ca1.maximizercrmlive.com/api20

Your two digit number after "mobile" will be different than what is shown here. Follow the steps above in Find your server information to retrieve your two digit number.

The Database Name is the long alphanumeric string following "mobile??" and doesn't include the slash. In this example, the Database Name is: 4f0d7452394d4e6180da8e84d554ff70

Entering your server information on the mobile app

To make life a lot easier, copy and paste the elements of the URL into an email message and send it to yourself so that you can quickly access this information from your mobile device.

Launch the Maximizer mobile app and tap the ON-PREMISE tab on the bottom right of the login page.

Copy the information you emailed to yourself and paste it into the relevant fields on the ON-PREMISE login page. This will save you from having to type the complicated strings of characters.

Enter the Host Server you found earlier.

For the Host Server value, remember to replace MOBILE with API but keep the number. For example, we would change https://ca1.maximizercrmlive.com/mobile20/ to https://ca1.maximizercrmlive.com/api20/ Reminder that your two digit number will be different than what is shown in these examples.

Press Log In, and once the server is verified you will see additional fields appear.

Enter the Database Name you found earlier (e.g. 4f0d7452394d4e6180da8e84d554ff70) into the Address Book field.

Enter your user ID that you normally use to log in to your Maximizer CRM Live account.

Enter the password associated to that user identification.

Press Log In

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