Types of Notes

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Notes are used to record activities associated with Address Book entries, Customer Service cases, Campaigns, and Opportunities. Use notes to jot down “manual” notes—your ideas and impressions about a customer, a case, a Campaign, or an Opportunity.

Maximizer automatically creates different types of notes, providing a history of all your activities. Maximizer creates the following types of notes:

  • Accounting – Created in previous versions of Maximizer when you create or modify accounting transactions using external accounting applications.
  • Customer Service – Created when you add a customer service case.
  • Email – Created when you send an email message to one or more entries or when you save an email message to one or more entries using the Microsoft Outlook Integration.
  • History – Created when opportunities, cases, and campaigns are added or changed.
  • Incoming call – Created when you receive a phone call.
  • Mail-outs – Created when you print documents, labels, envelopes, or letters using the Maximizer Word Processor's merge feature.
  • Manual – Added manually to entries.
  • Opportunity – Created for Address Book entries when opportunities are added or changed. Opportunity notes can be printed or searched only from Address Book entries.
  • Other – Third-party or custom notes created by your system administrator. Also, notes created by remote sites.
  • Outgoing call – Created when you phone an Address Book entry.
  • Task – Created when appointments or Hotlist tasks are scheduled, modified, deleted, or completed. For Hotlist task notes, the current owner of the Hotlist task is included in the note, even when a task is reassigned. For appointment notes, details of the appointment are included when the appointment is scheduled. And when an attendee list is modified, an additional note is logged.
  • Timed notes – Created when you use the Timer.
  • Transfer log – Created when you transfer entries between Address Books.
By default, notes are logged for all of the main activities you can perform in Maximizer. You can adjust logging in your logging preferences.
You can change the font and character size of your notes by going to the Address Book and Select Edit > Default Note

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