Archive a Lead

Updated 1 year ago by Niall Clifford

Archiving a lead may be required if a lead has been initiated but the lead cannot make a decision either way to proceed or to not with the service/product request. In these situations, where the lead might still be converted at a future date, we can archive a lead.

Once a lead is archived, it cannot be edited.


  1. In the Leads module, click on the lead's name or company name.

  1. Click on Archive in the top right corner of the Leads screen.

After selecting Archive, a window will pop out requesting information to why this lead is being archived.
  1. Leave a note about why the lead is being archived and press OK.



  1. The lead is now archived. You can Unarchive in the top right of the page.

 After the archiving is complete, the Lead will display “Archived” where the status of the lead was previously. Additionally, the Time & Date the Archive was complete will also be logged.

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