Archiving a Lead

Updated 1 year ago by Niall Clifford

In some scenarios, it is necessary to archive existing leads. For example, some leads are initiated with the potential to be converted to opportunities at a later date. Because these leads are not "dead", it is necessary to record them in a way that the Leads list is not cluttered.

This is when the capability to archive leads comes in handy. Leads once archived, cannot be edited.

  1. Make sure you are logged on, and the Leads module is selected.
  2. Ensure that the leads you want to archive are either unqualified or active. Maximizer CRM DOES NOT archive converted or previously archived leads.
  3. Select the leads that you want to archive and click Edit in the top-right corner.
  4. Click the Field box on the Global Edit – Leads window.
  5. In the Select Field window, click Status, and click OK. The Status field will allow you to archive the leads you selected.
  6. (Optional) Select other fields the values for which you want to replace.
    The values of the Process and Stage fields are not modified, even if you choose to change their value.
  7. For the Status field, ensure that the Rule list is set to Replace, and the Value list is set to Archived.
  8. In the Notes box, enter your notes that describe this archival operation.
    If you leave the Notes box blank, the leads you selected will not be archived.
  9. Click the Details tab, and do the following:
    1. Set Full Access to the user, or group that you want to grant full access to. To grant everyone full access, select Public.
    2. Set Read Access to the user, or group that you want to grant read access to. To grant everyone read access, select Public.
      If you set Full Access to Public, Read Access is automatically set to Public.
  10. (Optional) Set the values for other fields that you selected.
  11. Click OK.

The archival operation starts, and its progress is indicated by the progress bar that appears at the top of the Leads page.

After the archival operation completes, the status “Archived” is displayed next to the lead. Maximizer CRM logs the time when the archival process is completed.

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