Document Templates

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Maximizer’s Template Library allows you to save document templates that you can use to generate letters and other documents.

A document template is a standard design meant to be used repeatedly to create new documents. Document templates are generally designed to be used with a company’s stationery, including default page margins, standard fonts, and merge fields.

For example, a template might be used for the following:

  • Create form letters for bulk mailings to clients and prospects.
  • Provide a default structure for letters and faxes.
  • Provide a consistent company image.

You can create document templates and save them to the Template Library in Maximizer. When you next create a new document, you can use a saved template as the basis for the document.

Document Template Library

The document templates in your Address Book are stored in the Template Library. You can access the Template Library from the Administration section in the left navigation pane.

You can add new document templates to the Template Library, modify the properties of existing document templates, and download any existing document templates for further customization.

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