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The Word Add-in earlier than version 2021 R2 used ActiveX controls of Internet Explorer to be able to interact with your Address Book, Opportunities, and Case records in real time. The new Word Add-in is browser agnostic. However, you must first select a Maximizer List, and a module from which records can be retrieved and merged into your Word document.

To do that:

  1. Check the Maximizer CRM setup and the user account used to validate the Word Add-in:
    1. Open Microsoft Word.
    2. In the menu bar, select the Maximizer tab, and click Maximizer Info.
    3. On the Maximizer CRM Connection window that appears, click the Details tab.
    4. Under Connection, check Web Access URL, User ID, Address Book, and API URL that you used to validate the Word Add-in.
    5. Under Current List Details, you will be able to identify the browser tab that you are currently using, the number of Selected Entries, the last time the Word Add-in retrieved details from Maximizer CRM, as well as Module.
    6. Click Refresh to retrieve the latest Connection and the Current List Details information.
  2. To set a list, in the Select Maximizer List list under Maximizer Lists, perform either step 3 or step 4. This is the session that will be associated with the Word Add-in.
    If you have only a single Maximizer tab open, then the Word Add-in will automatically set the Maximizer List to the latest browser tab you are working on.
  3. If you have multiple Maximizer tabs running on different browsers or on multiple machines and you know the list that you want to associate with the Word Add-in, expand Select Maximizer List, and select the appropriate one.
  4. If you do not know the list you want to associate with the Word Add-in, use the Maximizer CRM Web session to determine the Word Add-in:
    1. In the current Maximizer CRM menu, hover over the Word icon.
    2. Use the hint to determine the list to be used with the Word Add-in.
    3. Use the string to identify the current Maximizer CRM list, and set it in the Word Add-in. In this example, the string “3u3zs” is used to uniquely identify the Maximizer CRM session.
    4. On the Maximizer CRM Connection window, validate the list that appears in Select Maximizer List. In this example, this string appears as “3u3zs-Chrome”.
  5. Select a module that you intend to work with in the Select Module list.
  6. Click Use This List. The Word Add-in will use this list to access the records and populate the merge fields in your Word document.

You can always switch between the available Maximizer Lists, and subsequent modules. The fields that will be merged into your Word documents will depend on your selection. For example, if you select a list, and select "Address Book" as the module you want to work with, records will be populated using the list you selected, and the module respectively. Based on the session and the module you select, the table displays a preview of the records that are selected in the browser.

You can launch a new Word document from the Maximizer CRM web session by clicking the Word icon in the Maximizer CRM module screen. This will automatically set the session and module from where the document was launched.

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