Recurring Appointments

Updated 2 years ago by dustin keir

Recurring appointments in Microsoft Outlook synchronize to Maximizer as recurring appointments unless they have no end date. If the recurring appointment has no end date, only the first occurrence synchronizes with Maximizer, not the recurrences. To synchronize recurring appointments with Maximizer, always provide an end date.

Note that while it is possible to modify the Private property of a single instance of a private appointment in Maximizer, this property can be changed only for the entire series of recurring appointments in Outlook. Therefore, if you change the Private property of a single instance of a recurring appointment in Maximizer, this change will not be synchronized to Outlook.

In addition, Maximizer currently only supports recurring appointments where there is only 1 appointment per week, and doesn't support a recurrence pattern that includes more than 1 appointment per week. If there is more than 1 appointment per week in a series in your Outlook you will find this will fail to synchronize.

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